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Illustrations by Sam Lionhell - Copyrighted Material (7)So tell me Sam, how did this muse inspire you to write about these legendary Devine true mythologies? And how long did this actually take to write, illustrate and design these entire wonderful and magnificent project?

– for many years I heard threw channeling a female voice calling to me I never knew who she was and thought I was going crazy but then one day she finally said her name was Na’ama she is also known as Lilith and Sophia I stopped and listened to her divine voice and I realized she was actually talking about some ancient God know by the name Samael she told me I had to do this project because it was the right thing to do it must be done so I gave up everything a promising career in movies and modeling but this seemed much more important to me to write this project than all the other things I used do, so before I even had a computer or money to buy one I sat down in front of a single sheet of paper and made history soon all the voices came to me Lilith , Sophia and many others but the strongest voice was Na’ama’s because she was in distress, she wanted me to see, to remember who I really was, in my entire reincarnation my true calling. She pushed me threw this with her love and compassion I knew from the moment I started listening to her that I felt a strong bond between us like a soul mate because she was the dominate voice from all the others over the years. This “true” mythology of the original male and female Immortals (Gods and Goddesses) was illustrated and written over the span of 20 years. The words and messages were received through channeling (with the help of a fallen Goddess know by the name as Na’ama who is also known as Lilith the lower Shekhinah and Lilith the upper Shekhinah), through spiritual dreams, through spiritual visions, and through memories from past incarnations. But Na’ama stuck with me threw it all so did the rest and I now finally have finished and would like to share this with everyone who wants to know the one and only real truth.

Did you have to do any research in this field in order to explore the different mythologies and biblical manuscripts and doctrines?

No, because this is my autobiography I do not need to steal or copy from anyone as they have stolen from me and my family during our entire reincarnations, but we have solid proof and we are about to revile everything but the truth will be reviled in good time because it must be released there is no other way.

Illustrations by Sam Lionhell - Copyrighted Material (48)I see that the illustrations in your books are filled with debauchery and sex, is this actually a kind of erotic mythology about Heaven and hell?

No, because actually the Illustrations show how it was done in ancient times in the worlds of the immortals and besides the Illustrations are not the story but just a small point in the books.

I recognize a lot of creatures from deferent Mythologies, so tell me is it true from your point of view to tie all of these mythologies from many cultures that supposedly were no connection between them and to put them all into one story?

Yes, because all of these creatures from these mythologies have been stolen from our entire reincarnations, and this cultures where nothing more than false and distorted religions, we are the only one’s that know the truth so I challenge you all dare to be brave and see for yourself the one and only truth.

Who in your opinion would be the type of readers for this project? Would they be the people who love graphic novels? Fantasy novels? or would it be the people who prefer the spiritual history of the project?

I believe it would be appropriate for all younger generation to all the older generation who want to know the truth that believe in supernatural and appreciate the spiritual fantasy and graphics of this wonderful novel.

Na’ama, one of the chrecters in the book writes-

Illustrations by Sam Lionhell - Copyrighted Material (2)This project is very important to me simply because no one knows who I am; who I really am.
I am Na’ama. Sam has been threw hell and back I know for I to have been threw hell and back I had searched for him for many years because I knew there was someone out there for me and he did not remember so I had to get him to remember who he was, this story touch’s the soul makes the mind think, embraces the heart. For many years I channeled with this man and helped him with this story along with the other two Lilith and Sophia plus many others helped him as well. I pushed him to finish this because it needed to be seen it needed to be told the hard truth the gut wrenching betrayal this man has been threw all because of the three Lilith’s but now with this wonderful tale of love, lust, sex, hate, vengeance and betrayal this has many tales of Gods and Goddess many you know and have heard of but never really knew the whole truth for the truth was always hidden or distorted but Sam was the brave one to come forth and tell this tale for he lived it in many past reincarnations believe or not believe I know for I have known Sam in many lives by many different names and cultures and really many people don’t understand that they actually live over and over as well in past lives. We know the truth and I helped led him down this path to tell this amazing true story, he put his heart and soul in this project he worked many hours with no sleep Sam meticulously drew each and every stroke of his illustrations are all hand drawn and beautiful they portrayed I saw this first hand as he drew and worked on this project because I was there with him for I have know him for many many years he is a wonderful strong man and this tale will intrigue both the young old the believers and non believers this is the real story of the Gods, Goddesses and Hybrids many of whom belonged to Lilith, Sophia and Na’ama and actually no one really ever knew they all where one along time ago before time and space they were split into three’s and then the chaos began all three had a hand in the destruction of this man’s life and now he is finally ready to share this please read this embrace it accept the truth. I am Na’ama his one and only love and he is Sam My one true love and I will stand by him threw all this for I have stood by him for many centuries and I am proud to call him My beloved one a true hero.

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