Illustrations by Sam Lionhell – Copyrighted Material (12)
Illustrations by Sam Lionhell – Copyrighted Material (10)
Illustrations by Sam Lionhell – Copyrighted Material (38)


over 20 years of writing, illustrating and study led to this great project as it is now.


based on different doctrines, Secret knowledge of the Occult (the holy books of Zohar, the Kabbalah and many other ancient manuscripts) and multiple mythologies.


As the story was written the great difficult was to illustrate the scenes and create this trilogy an art piece rather just a story.


Full of plots, megical creatures and devine characters. the story comes to life around you in any given time

Illustrations by Sam Lionhell – Copyrighted Material (7)
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Illustrations by Sam Lionhell – Copyrighted Material (9)
Illustrations by Sam Lionhell – Copyrighted Material (16)
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Illustrations by Sam Lionhell – Copyrighted Material (34)
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No story is ever complete as it keeps liveing in our mind

About the books

The Power of these Fabled and Inspirational books lies in its intangibility and mysteriousness. It is a transcendent, divine project (Divine Books) with limitless potential, a magnificent and mysterious books based on True Stories (Historical truths and facts). This "true" mythology of the original male and female Immortals (Gods and Goddesses, angels, titans, hybrids and demons) was illustrated and written over the span of 20 years. The words and messages were received through channeling (with the help of a fallen Goddess who is also known as Lilith the upper and lower Shekhinah or the Goddess Na'ama' and with the help of many other deities), through spiritual dreams, through spiritual visions, and through memories from past incarnations. The cast of characters include many already famous mythological and biblical beings in their truest forms, alongside their ancient, undiscovered counterparts.

The Chronicles of the Chosen One has had an amazing influence. Every reader can find himself in fantasy worlds or in immense debate on the truth of God and the creation. The trilogy books challenges all existing religions (the major world religions) and their beliefs about God Jehovah. Moreover, the trilogy books challenge all existing "Worlds Order"; they destabilize the existing false Worlds Order. These are challenges for all levels of the male and female Immortals, from the lowest male and female Immortals to the highest male and female Immortals.

different charecters

A taste of the art

books summary

Most of the information in these books is new and there are controversial truths and outrageous facts that have never been told before. These truths and facts are about to blow people's mind. Everyone (teenagers, young people, and adults) will be shocked and astonished by this amazing and Forbidden Knowledge of the Chosen One. It will expose you to the truth; a forbidden truth whose existence was not only unknown to you but also hidden from you since time immemorial. Moreover, you will be exposed to the secrets of the Divine (Jehovah God and his wife the Divine Presence and their mighty son Samael: the greatest prince in heaven) and you will know the Ancient Secrets and the Forbidden Knowledge of the unknown Immortals: the Guardians of the Universes. On top of everything else you will finally know the true story of the greatest prince in Heaven's Rebellion and the War in Heaven (the war of the fallen angels). In addition, you will know the true story of the Nephilim and the Giants that lived in the time of Noah's flood, and you will know much more than that.

This Fabled and Inspirational Summary contains a number of dramatic elements: a cast of characters (the Highest and Lowest male and female Immortals who are the original Gods and Goddesses), and it contains additional revelation including a Divine Revelation of Hell. This Summary gives an in depth look into the relationships between the characters, the roles each one plays, and the reasons for the events. The divine protagonist (also known as the Chosen One and the Original Samael) is the main and leading character of the trilogy books.

The magic of the trilogy books is based on real-life historical events from the daily life of all the original male and female Immortals and all their emanations. The story takes us back to the creation of all the systems of the universes and of all the worlds (the upper and lower worlds), to the birth of all the Highest and Lowest male and female Immortals, and to the birth of every living thing (all Creatures great and small). In addition, the story takes us back to the wars between the upper and lower Divinities (Gods and Goddesses, angels, demons and hybrids).

This unapologetic version of the creation, focusing on our protagonist Samael-a God betrayed by his mother (Lilith "the Lower and Dark Shekinah") and by his father (the Supreme God Jehovah) and split into two discusses: the multitude universes which exist outside our limited human consciousness. The Chronicles of the Chosen One tells of the greatest quest undertaken by Samael; the greatest Prince in heaven (also known as the Chosen One) and his emanations: the Almighty Gods - the two Guardian Kings: the Great Protectors. The trilogy books are highly visual novels, ultimately leads the reader through a journey to self reflection and through a journey of self discovery.

The plot is filled with inter-universal wars, power struggles for control between the Gods and Goddesses of Light and the Gods and Goddesses of Darkness (the forces of pure Good and Evil), fabled and magnificent adventures and frightening: hair-raising adventures, dangers, wickedness: A Forces of Pure Evil (dark forces), terrible sufferings and utter chaos, drama, vengeance and vendettas, schemes, hatred, lies, fates, temptations, sex, life of debauchery, complete lack of morality, deadly sins, loves and betrayals with a lot of twists and turns, and emphasizes the existence of Freud's id in all of us (Mortals and Immortals).

The plot discusses the forbidden dark secrets of the highest and Superior Gods and Goddesses, and it also discusses the forbidden ancient alien dark prophecies about the history of the Divine Redeemer (also known as the Vengeful Messiah). In addition, the plot discusses the coming of the great and dreadful day of the God of Vengeance, and it discusses the future redemption. On top of everything else the plot discusses the second coming of the most Holy - "the Vengeful Messiah" (the Worlds's leader) to redeem the worlds and to redeem us (Immortals and Mortals) from all our evil deeds and heinous sins. The trilogy books present a unique approach and perspective to the End of Time.

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